Quality assurance

Based on many years of experience, Fonderie Laroche has forged a name synonymous with quality. To assure a lasting reputation, numerous tests are carried out on various components involved in the production of a part.

Tests carried out on green sand
- Consistency
- Moisture
- Permeability
- Compactibility
- Resistance

Tests carried out to ensure an excellent casting quality
- Use of a "quicklab" when preparing the furnaces
- Tensile strength trials for each furnace
- Brinell hardness tests
- Nodule count (ductile iron)
- Chemical composition of materials, available on demand

Parts inspection
- In the completion stages, each part is quality inspected to determine if the part is acceptable or rejected.

Each one of these steps is subjected to rigorous follow-up and is an integral part of our ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance program.