Pattern sHOP

In addition to its metallurgical installations, Fonderie Laroche has its own pattern making department. The official definition of a foundry is the following: “Foundry – A place where molten metal is poured into a mold, creating a metal casting”. " The pattern is a form, template or model which can be used to make or to generate things or part of a thing." These patterns can be made of wood, metal, plastic or wax that have a mirror form of the parts to be molded and destined for making foundry castings. So, a mold is essential for each part being manufactured. So, the pattern will enable us to make an imprint in the green sand that creates the mold. Once this imprint is left in the sand, we extract the model and are left with the mold into which the liquid metal is poured. A pattern can then be used over and over again for the same part.

Pattern with its core box

The type of materials most frequently used at Fonderie Laroche for making patterns are wood, aluminum and urethane. For small production numbers, wood patterns are more frequently used. However for mass production, aluminum and urethane are the materials of choice. Though less expensive, wood patterns are much less resistant than those made of aluminium or urethane. There are several advantages for a foundry to have its own pattern making department. Most important, the speed of execution of a repair or modification to a pattern will not cause production delays. And, when fabricating a new pattern, we are assured that it will be perfectly adapted to our production methods thus avoiding any delays sometimes caused by out-sourced patterns. Out-sourced patterns often require an adjustment to adapt to the machine that will be used in the molding process. After having produced the finished part, the pattern can be sent back to the customer or kept in our warehouse for future production purposes. We are committed to never using your pattern for another customer. For additional technical information, contact Mr. Ghislain Laroche, our pattern supervisor.