Pont-Rouge, 1925. Joseph Wilfrid Laroche, a native to the Eastern Townships with his son Z├ęphirin, constructed the third foundry in the village. Over time, Fonderie Laroche was the only one of the three foundries to survive. A few years after construction, Charles-Henri, Toussaint and Joseph-Ferdinand, the other three sons of Wilfrid, joined the family business to form Fonderie Z. Laroche & Sons. Their market niche was primarily parts for farming equipment, wood burning stoves and various construction materials. These products were sold in the Portneuf and Quebec City areas. At that time, a dozen employees or so worked 6 months out of the year, mainly during the summer season and coal was used for melting down the cast iron.

Fonderie Laroche in 1930

The four Laroche brothers, Joseph-Ferdinand, Toussaint, Z├ęphirin & Charles-Henri Laroche

In 1945, the company was expanding and began to function all year round. The number of employees was close to 20 and the future was very promising.

In 1962, relocation of the foundry became necessary to keep up with the progress. The Laroche brothers decided to rebuild and move the company to its present site. Over that decade, the foundry started to produce various municipal products that to this day represent a large portion of its production capacity.

During the `70s, major changes come about including mechanization of the factory and the construction of a pattern-making shop.

In 1981, the four Laroche brothers passed on the torch to their respective sons, Jean-Pierre, Bernard, Jacques and Claude Laroche who are still owners to this day.

Eight years later, in 1989, over two million dollars are invested to convert from the old coal-fired furnaces to electrically driven ones. Further to conforming to environmental norms, installation of these furnaces allowed the plant to be more productive which also meant more competitive.

Year 2000: Received norm ISO 9002.

December 2004: Received norm ISO 9001:2000.

Today, Fonderie Laroche has approximately 80 permanent employees. The company constantly strives to establish new technologies and adheres to the strictest of quality standards.