Our production equipment allows us to produce parts weighing  anywhere from ΒΌ pound to approximately 4000 pounds per part and this for quantities of 1 unit to thousands of pieces. The casting methods can be manual, on a semi-automatic machine or in other cases, on completely automated machines, which makes production adaptable to practically every project, big or small.

The mold of a very large part

Here are a few of the processes and the production equipment used :

- 2 induction furnaces having a capacity of 6000 pounds each.
- Green sand molding process
- Manual molding, semi-automatic and automatic molding machines
- Patterns (wood, aluminum & urethane patterns available)
- Chemically linked coremaking process
- Shell coremaking process
- Co2 coremaking process
- Sand blasting on rotating table
- Sand blasting, tumbling method
- Manual sand blasting
- Machining center
- Several other types of equipment

Induction furnaceSemi-automatic molding machine